We now offer weekday catering Tuesday to Friday for business lunches and special events from just £4 per head, with individually tailored menus and local delivery included (to central Warwick only for the time being!). With a minimum order of just £20, we can even deliver pre-ordered drinks, snacks and sandwiches right to your desk! 

Please Phone by 10am to pre-order for our limited lunch delivery SERVICE.

For weekend events and parties, we charge from £6 a head for a bespoke menu of handmade sweet and savoury bakes, for collection only by 2.30pm on Saturday. We also offer tray bakes and celebration cakes from £3 per portion (minimum 12 portions) - we don't care if it's a wedding, Christening, 90th birthday, or just a Tuesday, our prices are based on ingredients and design. No price hikes from us just because it's a special day!

For all other catering enquiries, please Contact The store and we will do our Very best to help...